Our Rabbits

These are our rabbits we currently have in our rabbitry.

Castor Doe

Meadow is a Castor doe. She did well on the show table. She has 2 legs and several BOVs. She wanted to be a mom instead of a show rabbit.
Meadow has produced some of our top show rabbits.

Castor Buck

Levi is a Castor buck. He did amazing on the show table as a Junior. 2 legs and due to a injury he became a stud. He has produced some amazing offspring.

Castor Doe

Fern was an outstanding little show doe. She is a Grand Champion with 12 legs! Her parents are Meadow and Levi.
Fern is now retired from show life and has earned her place in our Brood string. She is currently bred and we are awaiting the arrival of her litter.

Castor Buck

Play has done amazing on the show table. He has placed 2nd in nationals as a junior. He is a Grand Champion! He is part of the breeding program. We are waiting to see what he produces in our rabbitry. 

Castor Doe

Meredith is one of our brood does. She is a false dwarf and a great mom. She is a laid back doe. She is a Hank Daughter that has over 24 legs! She is producing some amazing offspring.

Red Doe

Maya is our Red brood doe. She is an amazing mom! She has big litters and has given us a rainbow of colors.

Castor Buck

Cedar is our newest buck. He has great type! He does not hesitate when it comes to breeding. He gets the job done!
We are waiting on the quality of his offspring. If they turn out like him, there are going to be some very happy people.

Castor Doe

Honey did great on the show table. She has earned her place in the brood barn. She will be bred in the near future.

Tortoise shell Doe

Tart has done amazing on the show tables. She is not ready to join the brood team. She has earned her GC.
She will be bred in the near future.

Castor Doe

Honey is joining our brood team. She has amazing fur and type.

Castor Doe

Evergreen is a full sister to Fern. She is out of Meadow and Levi.
She will be joining our brood team in the future.

Blue Otter Doe

Lady is our only Blue Doe. She is an amazing mom and loves her kits. She passes on many amazing traits to her babies. 

Blue Buck

Ty is an amazing buck. He has amazing quality, Type, fur and personality. He has produced GC and continues to put his offspring on the show tables.

Broken Black Doe

Echo is bred to Typhoon. She held her own at the WCC 2020. Great comments from the judges.

Broken Black Doe

Indra has won Best in Show Specialty in Youth at WCC 2020. She also won Best of Varity and Best of Breed in youth at WCC 2020. She has earned her Championship. She will be part of our brood team.

Broken Black Doe

Tutti has placed well in all of her show classes. She will be joining the brood team very soon.

Broken Black Buck

Law has won Best of Breed in Youth at Red Bluff. He has several Best of Variety. He will continue his show career and be used as a stud buck.

Black Doe

Raven held her own in youth at WCC 2020. She does have a white belly spot from where her umbilical cord was. Raven will be used in the Broken and Chinchilla breeding program.
Raven is currently bred to Monkey's Uncle.

Money's Uncle
Chinchilla Buck

Monkey is a young buck. He is a go getter when it comes to breeding. He gets the job done! He has amazing type! 
He is our only Chin Buck in our rabbitry. He is the start to our Chinchilla program.

Ric Rac
Chinchilla Doe

Is our only Chin Doe in the rabbitry. She has held her own on the show table being shown as junior. She has amazing type and fur quality!
She will be part of our breeding team when she is old enough.