Times have changed

   Our rabbitry has come a long ways since we started rabbits! When our homestead was featured on the Discovery channel's Homestead Rescue season 5 episode 1 (Line of Fire. Aired June 12, 2019)(filmed in 2018). Our rabbitry was outside under a canopy. It was a constant struggle with our weather and predators. 
   We have a huge 3 car garage and decided to build a wall and turn it into our rabbitry. It is fully insulated, with lighting, ventilation, ceiling fan, and Air Conditioned (for summer months). We installed a sink with hot and cold water, cabinets, counter and put in flooring. Our rabbits are safe from the weather, predators and insects. The quality of their care shows!
They are more spoiled than us humans!

With over 40 Best of Varieties winners, Best of Breeds and Best of Shows!!! You can not go wrong with Hopper Farms! Our rabbits are proof of our integrity and our knowledge. We are trusted by many 4Hers, FFA, Breeders and ARBA judges.

Sara and Brit

   The twin girls that started with limited knowledge have not only grown but excelled in rabbits. They both have their own breeding programs. Sara has been with Castors since the beginning. Brit has gone back and fourth a few times but has settled on Blacks and Brokens.
Sara and Brit both care for their rabbits every single day on their own. They tattoo, breed, care, clean cages and everything in between. When they place a rabbit on the show table, it is because they did the work. 

We are here for you!

   We encourage youths to continue to grow in this wonderful hobby. To try new things as much as possible. To ask question to gain the knowledge they need to improve. At Hopper Farms, we are always here to help the young and not so young. We enjoy teaching those that want to learn more. Drop us an email or a text anytime! We will do our best to get back to you quickly.

Our Rabbitry

Brit won BOB with her Jersey Woolie

One of the babies our rabbitry produces.

Sara and Levi. 1st place.

Grow out

Grooming area

Mini Rex litter

Sara won BOSB with her Jr Doe HF Fern

Another beautiful Junior

Britney won Best in Show  WCC 2020

Brit win BOB youth WCC

Sara and her 4H meat pen