Welcome to Hopper Farms

Welcome to Hopper Farms. We are a small rabbitry in Northern California. We believe in keeping it small is best, because we can be sure of the quality and the health of our rabbits are top notch.
We are a honest breeder. We believe in having the highest integrity and will not sale sick animals just to make a dollar. We will not sell you a "pet" quality animal to be shown. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can put you on our waiting list or refer you to a different breeder that believes in integrity as much as we do.

white rabbit

We specialize in MINI REX:
Castors, Black, Broken and now Chinchilla     

   We are one of the few that can breed year round because our rabbitry is air conditioned. Our rabbits are handled daily. The kits are handled from day one and continue on to the day they go to their new homes.
   We believe happy and healthy rabbits do best on and off the show tables. We put our reputation on our rabbits.
   We do NOT breed rabbits that bite or have any temperament issues. In fact, we will not own a biting rabbit, No matter how good they do on the show table. We know our rabbits and their personalities because we spend time with them daily. We are always working in our rabbitry to make it better for our rabbits and our visitors. 


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